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Do you ever get fed up with Internet Explorer or wonder what other internet browsers are out there? Have you read someone enthuse about Netscape, Opera, Avant or the new Firefox?

There are a number of people who lament the standard Internet Explorer browser which comes with Windows and claim it is 'bloatware', meaning that it is a code-heavy program and is slow to load web pages.

Admittedly, Internet Explorer as it stands is a little bare on features but nonetheless, it is an excellent, easy to use browser. One 'flaw' as I see it, is Internet Explorer's inability to stop the infuriating pop-up windows, however this is easily overcome by using one of the browser plug-ins such as the Alexa toolbar or the Google toolbar.

Either of these browser plug-ins will help eliminate pop-ups and both have additional useful features.

Other browsers available

For fun, and of course, to test this website on different browser platforms, I downloaded, installed and tried the most common alternatives to the 'standard' Internet Explorer.

Read my reviews on: Avant, Netscape, Opera and Firefox

Links where you can download the browsers

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