Identity Theft

What to do if someone steals your ID

Identity Theft: Driver's license

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16. Driver's license number misuse.

You may need to change your driver's license number if someone is using yours as ID on bad checks or for other types of fraud.

Call the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to see if another license was issued in your name.

Put a fraud alert on your license if your state's DMV provides a fraud alert process. Go to your local DMV to request a new number.

Fill out the DMV's complaint form to begin the investigation process. Send supporting documents with the completed form to the nearest DMV investigation office.

  •  California DMV fraud unit, Phone: (866) 658-5758. Outside Calif.: (916) 657-2274. E-mail:
  •  The California DMV actually encourages victims to contact them to place "a control" (alert) on their license whenever it is lost or stolen (rather than waiting until they find out it has been misused). It affects only DMV transactions
  •  DMVs in other states: (scroll down)



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