Identity Theft

What to do if someone steals your ID

Identity Theft: ATM cards

A Publication of the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse

8. ATM cards.

If your ATM or debit card has been stolen or compromised , report it immediately. Contact your bank and fill out a fraud affidavit. Get a new card, account number, and password. Do not use your old password.

Closely monitor your account statements. You may be liable if the fraud is not reported quickly. Start with a phone call and immediately follow up in writing.

Be sure to read the debit card contract for information about liability. Some cards are better protected in cases of fraud than others.

ATM and debit card transactions are subject to the Electronic Fund Transfer Act. (15 USC §1693)

Even if you are a victim of identity theft, your liability for charges can increase the longer the crime goes unreported.

For more on EFTA, see the Federal Reserve Board's guide, Also read the FTC's guide on electronic banking,



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