Brief History

15th Oct 2010

This site first kicked off in 2002. Initially, and with not much knowledge about the internet or creating websites it was kind of thrown together in a very piecemeal way.

Using a freebie version of Frontpage 98 that came with a secondhand computer I was given it seemed to work - well, it appeared on the web at least.

Having read a bit more, Frontpage 98 got updated to FP 2003. Now those who know about these things, advised that this was probably not the best software for creating sites but meh, it worked, albeit in a rather buggy sort of way. For all it's faults it was pretty easy software to use and meant mostly all someone had to think about was the content rather than the code.

Somehow or other the few pages I'd intended to make seemed to grow and grow... which was when I maxed out the webhosting I had at the time (overpriced and not very well featured but I didn't know any better back then) so that I couldn't add any more pages unless I upgraded to a much more expensive hosting package which wasn't something I could afford so I left it as it was.

Fast forward a while and the site kept breaking. Anyone who has used Frontpage will know about the extensions. These are bits of code that sit on the webhost's server that allow your site to work if you publish using Frontpage software and sometimes they break, which is when your site stops working.

Now at that time, I was on dial-up internet (remember how slow it was?) so whenever the site broke I had to republish it from scratch... and that took hours and hours and hours spread over several days to get it working properly again.

To cut a long story short I eventually untangled myself from that webhost and moved to another. Only then did I realise just how bad my piecemeal approach to building the site had been and just how difficult it would be to update it.

Still, I did my best and completed a rebuild over several months to make it a little more of a logical layout and structure, still using Frontpage. Which was when I found out just what the limits of Frontpage were - I maxed out the capability at around 125Mb of web space (theoretically it could handle unlimited pages but in reality it kept breaking the server extensions).

If I ever attempted to change anything; editing pages for example, it simply broke the site and I had to undo the changes and republish from scratch again.

So that's how it stayed for several years. It worked, people were reading and presumably found it useful but to say I was happy with it as it was would be untrue. The only way I could change things would be to manually rebuild each and every page from scratch which, if your health isn't the best, is not something you really want to get into.

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