Long Overdue

15th Oct 2010

Updating has been long overdue

If you've read the brief history of the site you will know this site has been in need of an update for a very long time.

Unfortunately, redoing a site from scratch is a pretty complicated business and not something you want to do if you can't complete what you start.

Between one thing and another it's taken a while to get to that stage, not least because it has meant rebuilding every single page by hand, one at a time.

That's an awful lot of pages to rebuild! It has taken several weeks and much frustration with hours and hours of tedious code stuff to get to this stage. At least all of the dead links are gone!

One good thing (at least in my opinion) is that pages can now be added without the entire site crashing after the simplest of changes so it should be relatively easy to update.

Above all, the site should be much faster to load with less to download since it uses less code for each page.

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