Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Drugs

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Copaxone ® (glatiramer acetate)

MS Drugs - Copaxone ® Efficacy (Effectiveness of Copaxone ®)

How effective is Copaxone ®?

% of patients relapse free at 2 years
Placebo Copaxone ®
27% 34%


Number of patients progression free completing 2 years of Copaxone ®
% of patients progression free at 2 years Placebo Copaxone ®
75% 78%


Mean relapse rate
Mean relapse rate over 2 years Placebo Copaxone ®
1.68 1.19


Average time to first relapse
Average number of days till first relapse Placebo Copaxone ®
198 days 287 days


† Progression is defined as an increase in at least 1 point in the DSS (Kurtzke Expanded Disability Scale) for at least 3 consecutive months

Ref: Copaxone® prescribing information




Multiple Sclerosis

Native Indians of North and South America, the Japanese and other Asian peoples have a very low incidence rate of Multiple Sclerosis.

Symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis

The symptoms of multiple sclerosis are varied and can occur suddenly, then disappear again just as quickly. There are no specific sets of symptoms applicable to any of the types of multiple sclerosis. Additionally, symptoms of multiple sclerosis tend to vary considerably from one person to another and also to be distant in time... Read More