Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Drugs

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Copaxone ® (glatiramer acetate)

MS Drugs - Copaxone ® Efficacy (Effectiveness of Copaxone ®)

How effective is Copaxone ®?

% of patients relapse free at 2 years
Placebo Copaxone ®
27% 34%


Number of patients progression free completing 2 years of Copaxone ®
% of patients progression free at 2 years Placebo Copaxone ®
75% 78%


Mean relapse rate
Mean relapse rate over 2 years Placebo Copaxone ®
1.68 1.19


Average time to first relapse
Average number of days till first relapse Placebo Copaxone ®
198 days 287 days


† Progression is defined as an increase in at least 1 point in the DSS (Kurtzke Expanded Disability Scale) for at least 3 consecutive months

Ref: Copaxone® prescribing information




Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis was first Diagnosed in 1849

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