Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Drugs

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MS Drugs - Rebif Efficacy (Effectiveness of Rebif )

How effective is Rebif ?

% of patients exacerbation free at 2 years
Placebo Rebif Rebif
22mcg 44mcg
15% 25% 32%


Number of exacerbations in Subset (people who completed full 2 years) completing 2 years of Rebif

Average exacerbations per patient over 2 years
Placebo Rebif Rebif
22mcg 44mcg
2.56 1.82 1.73


Ref: Rebif prescribing information




Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis was first Diagnosed in 1849

What is Multiple Sclerosis?

Multiple sclerosis is currently thought to be an autoimmune disease. An autoimmune disease is one where the body's immune system is thought to attack its own cells and therefore cause damage.... Read More