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Multiple Sclerosis: Emotional Problems

Multiple Sclerosis and Emotional Problems

"I can go from happy to sad to angry in the space of a few seconds."

Multiple sclerosis (ms) can itself cause a range of different emotional problems. It is important to be aware of them.

  • Depression (glossary)
  • Anxiety (glossary)
  • Wildly fluctuating moods swings (emotional lability
  • Uncontrollable, or inappropriate, laughing or crying (pseudobulbar affect)
  • Inappropriate behaviour

Some people may experience little by way of emotional disturbance while others may have severe emotional and mental disturbances.

There is such considerable overlap between emotional, cognitive and mental problems and disturbances, that it can be difficult to distinguish between them, particularly if you are currently in the throes of one, or all, of them.

If you suffer from, or experience, emotional, cognitive or mental problems, it is important you seek some help.

If you are unable to bring yourself to admit to your doctor or family that you are having difficulties, do understand you are not alone in your situation. There are many like you who have felt the same way. If you can, communicate with others who have multiple sclerosis. It may help you to come to terms with your present situation.

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