Beginners Guide to MS

Multiple Sclerosis: Memory problems

Memory Problems and Multiple Sclerosis

"Yes, y'know!!? Those little brown things that fly."
"Yes! That's it. Sparrows!"

Memory problems are another difficulty faced by people with multiple sclerosis (ms). Not everyone is affected but the majority of people who have ms do have some problems with their memory although this may be slight and have little impact.

When memory problems become a factor, there are a few things you can do to help yourself:

  • Write things down
  •  Leave yourself notes
  • Keep lists

As with so many things in this complicated disease, the memory problems associated with multiple sclerosis tend to be thrown together under the term, 'cognitive difficulties' or 'cognitive dysfunction'.

Since this is a Beginners Guide, we'll leave the memory problems for now and move on.

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