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  • Accelerated Cure Project for Multiple Sclerosis is a national nonprofit dedicated to curing MS by determining its causes. Founded in 2001, it began as the Boston Cure Project for Multiple Sclerosis and started formally branching out nationally in 2005 under the umbrella name Accelerated Cure Project for MS, with the Boston Cure Project as the national headquarters and New England affiliate.
  • All About Multiple Sclerosis - Provides a description, news, glossary, and a list of famous people with MS.
  • DIRECT-MS - Provides information on the relationship between multiple sclerosis and diet.
  • eMedicine Health - Multiple Sclerosis - Consumer health resource center providing an overview of symptoms and treatment.
  • General Practice Notebook - Multiple Sclerosis - Clinically-oriented information.
  • The History Of MS - Flash exhibition shows historical milestones of the disease.
  • International Journal of MS Care - Publication of the Consortium of Multiple Sclerosis Centers and Rehabilitation in Multiple Sclerosis.
  • James S. Huggins' Multiple Sclerosis Pages - Information, links, and personal stories.
  • MossRehab ResourceNet - Multiple Sclerosis - Information and resources to improve the activities of daily living for MS patients.
  • MS - Gateway - International site available in many languages. Looks at forms of the disease, treatments for it, and the adjustments that may be necessary living with the disease.
  • MS Crossroads - Information and links for patients, doctors and researchers.
  • MS Watch Canada - Online community for Canadians with MS. Includes news, FAQ, expert publications, polls, and personal stories.
  • Multiple Sclerosis News - - News on multiple sclerosis collected from diverse sources on the web.
  • Neurology Channel - Provides information and the MDLocator.
  • NINDS Multiple Sclerosis Information Page - Information on the disease from the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke. Links to related organizations and to related NINDS publications and information.
  • Rocky Mountain MS Center - Englewood, Colorado. Information about the center, alternative and complementary treatments, and the King Adult Day Enrichment Program.
  • This is MS - Provides news, research and a community to interact with.



Multiple Sclerosis

The risk of contracting Multiple Sclerosis if your mother has the disease is approx 1 in 50.

MS Drugs

It should be noted that the multiple sclerosis drugs currently in use to treat MS are immunomodulatory. This means the approved drugs used specifically in the treatment of multiple sclerosis have a direct effect on the workings and efficiency of the normal immune system... Read More