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About Stds

About Sexually Transmitted Disease

You are at risk of contracting a sexually transmitted disease (std).

You may even have a sexually transmitted infection (sti) just now and not be aware of it. Yet.

Sexually transmitted diseases (stds), or sexually transmitted infections (sti's) to give them their 'proper' title, are far more common now than they have ever been throughout history.

This section of the website exists to inform you of the most commonly acquired sexually transmitted diseases (stds) and perhaps help dispel some of the misinformation out there too.

Knowledge of risks and modes of transmission may help you avoid a lifetime of illness and social stigma. It may even save your life.



Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis (ms) is the most common, disabling, neurological condition, to affect young adults in the world today.


Chlamydia is a sexually transmitted infection caused by a bacterium. In women, infection by the bacterium is known as "Chlamydia" while infection in men by the same organism is called nongonococcal urethritis (NGU)... Read More