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Welcome to McFox's Pages! On this site, you will find information on multiple sclerosis (ms), health, diet, computers, the internet and a whole lot more. Please feel free to look around.

Don't have multiple sclerosis (ms)?

Don't worry, you don't need to have multiple sclerosis (ms) to be here :o) Readers who visit this site for other topics are very welcome to browse around. There is a lot to see!

More than a multiple sclerosis site!

This site is about much more than multiple sclerosis (ms) although there is of course, plenty of information about MS and other, related subjects.

This website is about many things, since people with multiple sclerosis are just people. People who have other interests and requirements, the same as everyone else.

What makes it a little different for people with multiple sclerosis is in adapting to the new challenges presented.

This site recognizes that fact, and offers some pointers and wherever possible, a viable, alternative solution.

For everyone else, there is a wealth of other information, tips and articles!


Award Winning Website!

Award Winning Website


Multiple Sclerosis

The incidence rate for non-identical twins, where one contracts Multiple Sclerosis, is approx 4%.

Life Expectancy

Life expectancy for people who have multiple sclerosis is growing longer with every passing year, particularly with the advancement of medical science, new drugs and better care and understanding of the disease.... Read More

MS Society

Looking for an MS Society? Click on one of the links below.

National MS Society (US)

National Multiple Sclerosis Society (US)

MS Society (UK)

MS Society (UK)

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MS Society (CA)

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MS Society of Australia