About this site

This website is an information resource; and hopefully, a stimulus for the ideas of others.

What began as a few pages has turned into a big site. This has meant several rebuilds, mostly as health allows, which, if you are suffering from MS, or a similar condition, you will know all about :o)

(If you don't, my hope and blessings are that you never will)

This is the latest incarnation of the website, designed to be easy to use, read and navigate around with less code per page so it should also be faster.

Although this site began purely as an information resource for multiple sclerosis (ms), additional ideas for information for people with, and without ms, has made it grow and develop far beyond its original scope.

The main emphasis of the site is still multiple sclerosis.

There are however, lots of other subjects which both people with multiple sclerosis, and those who do not have the disease, can benefit from; and so the site now incorporates information which is useful to a wider audience.

I hope you enjoy using it.









Multiple Sclerosis

In 1936, only 8% of patients with Multiple Sclerosis were reported to survive beyond 20 years after onset of illness.