Beginners Guide to MS

Multiple Sclerosis Diagnosis - the Bombshell

If you have just been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, or think this is a possibility, I'm sorry to hear it.

You may feel your world has come to an end with the diagnosis. It hasn't. You will wake up tomorrow and you will carry on. Your life may be a bit different now than before diagnosis but sometimes this is not a bad thing.

The reason I say this is because I am relatively confident the pace of your life and the stress levels you were under prior to the multiple sclerosis diagnosis were to such a degree that even you, deep down, knew 'something had to give'.

In part this was due to the effect multiple sclerosis (ms) was already having on your body before you even became aware of any real problem, let alone before the multiple sclerosis diagnosis became a possibility.

Beginners Guide to Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

The aim of this 'Beginners Guide' is to introduce you to multiple sclerosis and give you an understanding without any flowery or overly-complicated language.

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) affects many, many, aspects of you, as a person. Some things you will know about already and some things will be new to you.

Mental, Emotional and Physical Problems

You may already have noticed from the links at the top of this page that a large section of this 'Beginners Guide to Multiple Sclerosis' is devoted to the introduction of the aspects of multiple sclerosis which are often hidden away because they pertain to 'things of the mind'.

Mental and emotional issues arising from multiple sclerosis are no less important than physical symptoms, indeed they may actually have more impact in your life. How you deal with any mental or emotional difficulties can make the difference between having an exacerbation and avoiding one (see stress), so lets keep things where they belong; out in the open!

So if you are ready for a quick tour, let's proceed to the next page.

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Multiple Sclerosis

The average age of diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis is 37 years of age.

Early Symptoms

The nature of multiple sclerosis and the vagueness of a symptom appearing here or there over time, without any apparent connection means there is a lack of data on what can accurately be considered as early symptom of multiple sclerosis... Read More