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What is uBB / vBB Code?

uBB, also known as vBB, code, is a way of adding extra functions and effects to posts and threads on Bulletin Boards or Message Board forums.

A Bulletin Board and a Message Board are one and the same thing. They are places where you can interact with others who share the same interests.

Quick History of Bulletin Boards

Bulletin Boards hark back to the early days of the internet when likeminded but geographically separated individuals needed to communicate with one another over time and distance. Although the technology has moved on considerably since then, the basic idea is the same.

uBB / vBB Code

BB code, or Bulletin Board code, is a simple, easy to use way of adding some effects to otherwise standard text. You do not need to have any experience in computer coding to use it.

How to Use uBB / vBB Code

Bulletin board code (vBB code) does have some syntax which must be followed in order for it to work.

All code commands must be within square brackets [ ].

Examples of uBB / vBB Code

Here are some samples of uBB / vBB Code


[B]This is vBB code to make the text bold[/B]


This is vBB code to make the text bold

For italics:

[i]This is vBB code to show the text in italics[/i]

This is vBB code to show the text in italics

Note that each command has a begin point and an end point:

[begin effect] text [/end effect] (note the back-slash "/" )

Also that you should not leave a space between the block brackets and the text:

[B] not this [/B] but instead, use this: [B]use this[/B]

Upper & Lower Case Letters

For the most part, uBB / vBB code is not case sensitive, so that

[B]Bold[/B] = Bold  is the same as [b]Bold[/b] = Bold


[I]Italic[/I] = Italic is the same as [i]Italic[/i] = Italic

However, sometimes lower case letters will not work. This usually applies to the [URL] command.

A url is the address of a particular web page. The url of the page you are viewing now is;


The url of the home page of this site is;


Using the [URL] Command

Most Message Boards will automatically create a hyperlink if you enter a website address such as http://www.themcfox.com. However there are times when you may wish to create a neater looking hyperlink.

To do this, you would use the [URL] command; for example, instead of your post containing the full url;


you would rather it was a neater: McFox.com - vBB code

This is done with the [URL] command, thus:

[URL=http://www.themcfox.com/THE-NET/uBB-vBB-code.htm]McFox.com - vBB code[/URL] which only shows on your post as McFox.com - vBB code

Note: you must include the full url and you must also enter a shorter version of the url, known as the 'anchor text' (I have highlighted this in bold)

[URL=http://www.themcfox.com]This website[/URL] = This Website


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