Tips For Coping With Bell's Palsy

The Eye

The main concern is to ensure the eye is protected and is kept moistened.

At night-time, it is probably best to use a soft, surgical, eye patch, taped to ensure the eye remains closed during sleep. A small piece of lightly adhesive surgical tape on the eyelid itself may also be required.

It is recommended that an eye patch be worn to prevent corneal erosion or other eye damage.

During the day, when an eye patch is perhaps an inconvenience, although not recommended, the eyelid of the affected eye can be manually closed and 'blinked' several times.

This is best done by use of soft, clean, tissues to gently close the eyelid. Protection from dust and dirt can be achieved by wearing suitable glasses although there is the risk of wind-blown dust and dirt entering the eye.

Eating and Drinking

Eating and especially drinking, can be rather awkward with Bell's palsy.

The only effective method of ensuring that the food / liquid remains in the mouth is to physically hold the affected corner of the mouth closed by holding both lips between thumb and forefinger on the affected side.

It may not be particularly attractive or graceful but it is better than wearing what you were trying to eat or drink!




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