Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms

Speech Difficulties

Speech problems are not that uncommon with multiple sclerosis. The severity of any speech problems can vary enormously from very mild and almost unnoticeable to severe with extreme difficulty communicating effectively with others.

Collectively, speech problems have the medical term; dysarthria or dysarthrias.

Speech problems tend to occur at the same time as other symptoms with which they are associated: head shaking, tremor or incoordination. These symptoms are also associated with lesions which form on the brainstem.

Speech Problems May Show As

In a practical sense, speech problems can produce the following difficulties:

  • Slurring of words
  • Mispronunciation of words
  • Monotonous tone of voice
  • Failure to complete words
  • Long pauses between words or syllables

Different Types of Speech Problem (Dysarthria)

Different types of dysarthria, related to the type of speech produced:

  • clipped speech: speech in which the words are slurred over and uncompleted
  • cerebellar speech: speech seen with cerebellar lesions - varying from jerky or scanning speech to explosive
  • explosive speech: speech uttered with more force than necessary
  • scanning speech: slurring, monotonous speech
  • staccato speech: speech in which each syllable is uttered separately


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Multiple Sclerosis

The average time between clinical onset of MS and diagnosis by physicians is 4 - 5 years.

MS Drugs

It should be noted that the multiple sclerosis drugs currently in use to treat MS are immunomodulatory. This means the approved drugs used specifically in the treatment of multiple sclerosis have a direct effect on the workings and efficiency of the normal immune system... Read More